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Ancillary and Support Staff

Full and Part-Time
Classroom Assistants & Auxiliaries

Mrs C Maclean                          Miss M Mackay             
Mrs M Macdonald                      Mrs A Maclean
Mrs MA Nicolson                       Mrs N Macleod
Mrs M Smith                              Mrs M Meneely
Mrs S Morrison                          Mrs R Drummond
Mrs H Macdonald                     

Infant Nursery Nurse - Mrs I Mackenzie

Education Attainment Apprentice - Miss E Macleod

Gaelic Attainment Apprentice - Miss C Macleod

Music Instructors

Gaelic Singing - Mr F Smith

Piping/Chanter - Ms A Murray 
Brass & Clarinet - Mr G Woods

YMI Fiddle - Mr N Johnstone

YMI Guitar - Mr L Macleod

YMI Keyboards - Mrs R Johnstone


School Support

School Assistant - Mrs D Riddell

School Assistant - Miss A Macaskill

Janitor - Mr N Martin


School Chaplain Team 

Rev. T Macneil

Rev H Ferrier

Father R Johnston

Y H Aziz

In-House Catering

Canteen Supervisor - Mrs M Murray

Catering Assistant - Mrs S Crichton

Catering Assistant - Mrs M Hall

Catering Assistant - Mrs B Kennedy

Catering Assistant - Mrs A Shirkie



Cleaner-in-Charge - Mrs H Munro

Cleaner - Mrs M Divers

Cleaner - Miss P Maclennan

Cleaner - Mrs L McDougall

Cleaner - Mrs G Macaskill

Cleaner - Mrs M A Macleod

Cleaner - Miss L Macdonald