Vision, Value and Aims of Stornoway Primary School

Our vision for the school is that we be an inclusive learning community that, in partnership with the home, continues the process of educating the child and promotes learning and teaching for life in a changing society.   (We also subscribe to the Local Authority vision statement, ‘Achieving Excellence Together’)


We aim to offer our pupils a well planned, balanced curriculum appropriate to their needs and in line with current National and Regional Guidelines. Adaptations are being planned to implement ‘A Curriculum for Excellence’ as the outcomes are published and this initiative develops.

Learning and Teaching 

We aim to teach our children by using a wide variety of active, practical and stimulating learning and teaching approaches, taking account of gender differences and children's learning styles.   Personal Learning Planning processes, incorporating target setting, are used to promote the partnership working of pupils, teachers and parents.   Teachers will continue to design individual, group and class activities in all curricular areas and to take cognisance in their planning of the 7 principles of the Curriculum for Excellence. (These are: Challenge and Enjoyment; Breadth; Progression; Depth; Personalisation and Choice; Coherence; Relevance)   There is a strong emphasis on direct interactive teaching methods in core subject areas. 

Pupil Progress and Attainment 

We aim to identify and develop the abilities and experiences of all children, so that they achieve their full potential.   We will continue to monitor progress, using pupil tracking, the pupil folder system and by employing formative assessment techniques which are integrated into the children's daily learning activities.   This information offers supportive and informed guidance which assists teachers in forward planning and helps children to know what they need to do to improve.   We have a structured form of record keeping throughout the school which aids our reporting to parents.   National Assessments in Maths and Language are in use throughout the school in addition to other forms of testing introduced by the school itself. 


We aim to provide a wide range of resources and to make the best possible use of these and of the available accommodation.   Classrooms are well stocked and teachers are required to ensure that all equipment/resources are labelled for accessibility.   Shared resources are stored centrally to facilitate access for all staff.  Facilities for disabled access and accommodation have been improved. A programme of further refurbishment is on-going. 


We aim to create an environment where children are: nurtured; safe; active; healthy; achieving; included; respected and responsible. 

We aim to create a caring, secure, well-ordered atmosphere by encouraging our children to have high standards of behaviour and consideration for others.   Self-esteem and confidence are encouraged by giving pupils responsibility in the daily life of the school and this is further enhanced by the operation of our House Ethos and Merit system which includes a Playground Friend scheme and buddy system. 

Links with Parents/The Community 

We aim to maintain a shared responsibility with parents for the education of their children.   Three formal parent appointment opportunities are augmented by additional meeting where necessary and an open door policy by which parents/carers are welcome to contact the school with any queries/concerns.   We will continue to promote strong community links and to make effective use of our local environment in the learning and teaching process, thereby encouraging awareness of and pride in island culture and traditions. 

Staff Management

It is our aim to ensure all teachers are important and valued members of a team, playing a vital role in the implementation of school policies and delivery of the curriculum.   Regular meetings will continue to be held, at which all staff are encouraged to contribute positively.   It is also our aim to ensure that all ancillary staff are considered as important members of the wider team, contributing in varied ways to the effective overall operation of the school.