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The canteen menu remains the same as last session and is available on the website.

Please note that at Stornoway Primary we have pupils who have a severe allergy to nuts, we request that you check all snacks (Snickers, Topic bars, Kinder Bueno bars etc) sent in as play pieces and in lunch boxes. It is imperative that no eggs and no snacks containing nuts are brought in.


Due to Covid-19 arrangements, it was necessary to move one of the previously notified in-service days in August to accommodate the earlier start to the term. This day has now been moved to Thursday 22 October 2020. Pupils will now return to school on Friday 23rd October 2020.

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To access up-to-date term dates information, please click on the 'Calendar' tab at the top of the page. Change view to 'list' for a clearer view of significant pending dates.