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From Seed to Sunflower

Primary One and Two classes have been busy learning about how things grow. 

Here are Primary 1B with their sunflowers

Glasgow Science Centre Workshops

P5 faces say it all as they experience STEM activities delivered by Glasgow Science Centre Visiting  Gallery.

Single Use Plastic Free Lunch Box Day

Monday 24th June 2019

Suggestions: Wrap sandwiches in paper rather than cling-film. 

Put food in reuseable containers

Primary 5 would like to thank you all for your support!


PlayTalkRead Bus

GM 2 Play

GM 6-7 Mod Play

Mod Success - Thursday 6 June

Another medal for Hollie Macrae, GM 1 today! This time she impressed the judges with her singing and came 1st in the age 5-6 fluent solo singing competition. Dà dhuais ann an dà latha! Sgoinneil!

Mod Success - Thursday 6 June

Congratulations to Malina Aksu, GM 4 who was awarded 3rd place in the Age 7-8 Fluent solo singing competition. Tha thu a' coimhead air do dhòigh!

Mod Success - Thursday 6 June

More Mod success today with Annie Maciver, P6B. Annie was awarded 3rd place in the learner solo singing age 11-12 competition. Brilliant stuff, Annie! Well done.

Mod Success - Wednesday 5 June

Well done, Halle Durbin GM 7 who retained her Traditional solo singing trophies! Abair gu bheil guth àlainn agad! Halle was also awarded 2nd place for age 11-12 fluent recitation. Multi talented!

Mod Success - Wednesday 5 June

Hope Nicoll, P2A was 2nd in the Learners 5-6 recitation competition. Great stuff, Hope!

Mod Success - Wednesday 5 June

Well done, Kenny Macdonald P4A who was awarded 3rd place in the Learner age 9-10 recitation competition. Very well deserved, Kenny!

Mod Success - Wednesday 5 June

Hollie Macrae GM 1 was awarded 2nd prize in the Fluent Age 5-6 recitation competition. She looks delighted with her medal! 'S math a rinn thu, Hollie!

Mod Success - Wednesday 5 June

The Group Recitation from GM 6-7 were awarded 2nd prize. Nach sibh a rinn math Fraser, Ewen, Jessica, Hector, Josh agus Andrew! Dìreach sgoinneil!

Mod Success - Tuesday 4 June

Ellie Macpherson, GM 7 was awarded 3rd prize in the Literary competition. Fior mhath, Ellie!

Mod Success - Tuesday 4 June

Huge congratulations to GM 6-7 who won the Mod Play competition! Owen Macdonald and Iona Maclean were also chosen as joint best actors.

GM 2 are to be congratulated for coming 2nd in the Mod Play competition. They did very well for such a young class.

Our super talented Mr Morrison is to be commended for writing both scripts! 

Good luck to all the solo and group competitors who are taking part this week!

P4A Pupils were delighted to entertain those at the official reopening and renaming of the Fàilte Centre in Bayhead.

Local Mod Information

All group competitions are as follows:

School Choir - Friday 7 June

An Lanntair from 9:30am

Ceilidh Group - Friday 7 June

An Lanntair from 11am

GM 2 Choir - Friday 7 June

Town Hall from 11am



Netball Sports Festival Runners Up!

Congratulations to 'Stornoway Completed' (and their pleated hair dos!) for coming runners up in the Netball Sports Festival competition. They were only narrowly beaten by Sgoil a' Bhac. Well done to all the teams that took part (Sgoil an Loch, Laxdale and Back). The standard was very high this year.

.....and 3rd place too!

Our 'Stornoway Netball Nine' team came third place! They played very well throughout and were only beaten by Sgoil a' Bhac and Stornoway Completed. Well done, girls!

Mod Support

Mod support materials are available in tab on the left. Songs by singing tutor, Mairi Macleod have also now been added.


This term P1B have been learning about 'My Home, Our Island.' When they were exploring in the Castle grounds they found the Gruffalo and a letter saying he wanted to find out more about the Isle of Lewis.  On Thursday 28th of March the Gruffalo and P1B went to visit and feed  the Alpacas, the Callanish Stones and the Gearannan Blackhouse village, were we also had lunch. It was a very windy day out but we had lots of fun.  P1B would like to thank Archie's Dad and Rowan and Flynn's Mum for coming with us. 

RNLI Assembly - Tue 26th March 2019 DI and John came to tell us about the work they do on the lifeboat. Mrs Macleod and Miss Maclean got to try on the clothes they wear! We enjoyed their visit and learned a lot. We presented them with a cheque for £378.42. This was raised from the proceeds of our most recent free dress Friday. Thank you to all those who contributed!

MSP Kate Forbes visited GM 7 on 26th March 2019 to film short testimonies about Gaelic Medium Education with the P7 pupils. The Multi Media Unit also attended and pupils received basic training in the filming process.

P2A worked with Western Isles Library on 26th March 2019 on a STEM coding session. MSP Kate Forbes joined in the fun!

CNES School Holidays 2018-19

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